Integrated retail POS, order management, payroll and CRM application


SimplePOS had the ambition to develop a flexible and scalable mobile POS solution that also brings together all aspects of a retail business - from payroll to online payment integration - tailored for small to large retail enterprises, serving multiple segments and locations. Our challenge was to architect and develop the system for end user profiles with basic-to-no systems knowledge as a prerequisite. 


  • Iterative design-build in collaboration with the client and their customers to maintain empathy and ensure end-user experience is truly simple
  • Security-first approach to user data
  • Cross-platform build employing a micro-service structure to facilitate easier deployment and separation of concerns
  • Automated CI/CD process and QA routines, reducing the entire release cycle from days/weeks to under 30 minutes, and always error-free
  • Automated App and Play Store releases following QA


  • kubernetes
  • hybrid app
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