University of Technology, Sydney

Transforming a leading Australian University’s go-to-market for learning with UTS Open


UTS Open is the first step in a broader initiative to create a high-quality marketplace for postgraduate learning, by aggregating the diverse range of existing avenues for learning that the University of Technology, Sydney offers.

With an overarching postgraduate on-ramp strategy, UTS needed to stand out in the extremely competitive postgraduate online space. S60 was tasked with creating a compelling customer-centric website that clearly represents the UTS Open positioning in the market, and connects with the target audience by offering them the content and experience they are looking for.

Sudo Roux delivered flexible, real-world and personalised learning experiences that create a global community of adaptive learners and thinkers.

Dean MacDonald

Head of New Business Systems, UTS


The foundation of S60’s solution for UTS Open was built upon Episerver, which provides powerful experience-driven commerce and content management features. S60 led the design, architecture and seamless integration of core systems, utilising technology and unique features that reflect a future-focused, technology-led university of the 21st century.

The solution delivers a customer-centric website that offers a streamlined user experience, and positions each stage of a learner’s journey as a customer purchasing funnel.


The complete UTS Open solution was created from a robust technology stack of Episerver CMS and Commerce DXC platform, along with Salesforce Higher Education Architecture, Canvas LMS, Salesforce Service Cloud, Dell Boomi, Salesforce Community Cloud and Oracle Finance.


The finished project is a platform that provides UTS Open with the opportunity to redefine their position in the market and effectively package their learning offerings as products. As well, the platform delivers a user-centric marketplace that is differentiated in a competitive space, appeals to the target audience, and encourages them to engage with and explore UTS Open’s learning offerings.


  • Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Dell Boomi

  • Salesforce Community Cloud

  • Oracle Finance

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