A partner for high-value transactions and high-availability commerce, Sudo Roux is the connection point between businesses and the marketplace. With a drive to improve brand experiences through a better CX, our digital consultancy service gets to the nitty-gritty of human problems. And then solves them.

What’s in a name?

Our name takes inspiration from the unexpected combination of two everyday things. A metaphor for our approach to striving for greatness.

  • Sudo

    An abbreviation of “super user do”, a Linux command that allows programs to be executed as a super user (AKA root user) or another user.

  • Roux

    A cooked mixture of butter (or other fat) and flour. Originating at the dawn of gastronomy, it’s the base for the four original French “mother sauces”. Bechamel, veloute, tomato and espagnol.

Norms seem normal. Until they’re not.

Seth Godin

Expect the unaccepted

Progress only happens with norm challengers on the scene. Without anyone to question the status quo, a client’s growth gets stumped. They get stuck with dated technology and can’t access the knowledge they need to self-service.

As humans, we’re drawn to people that surprise us, challenge us, inspire us. People that question the flow and reverse it if they have to. We’re drawn to those who are unapologetically themselves.

The same goes for brands.

We don’t do things because they’ve always been done that way but we don’t polarise for the sake of it either.

We re-carve the path that makes the most sense for each customer. Then we stride down it.

Sudo Roux is 
the visionary, 
the challenger, 
the explorer.

When everything is connected to everything else, for better or for worse, everything matters.

Bruce Mau

Everything is connected

Life is a network.

From the inner workings of our brain to the technology we interact with to the stars that shine above us. Everything is connected in ways that are difficult to comprehend.

But that’s what we do best. We get granular with the detail to better understand the data and any data connected to that data. Yes, we said data three times. We’re thorough like that. That’s why when it comes to simplifying the complexities of any given project, nobody does it like Sudo Roux.

This new way of thinking is critical to complex problem-solving. It means we drill down to every node within a concept, then zoom out to the entire big picture.

Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes 
the fear of death.

Hunter S. Thompson

Fast movers,

Rapid development is our thing. We deliver fast and deliver quality, thanks to highly-skilled nodes (i.e people in teams) people who smash things out quickly.

Moving slowly means opportunities dip through your fingers. We’re a culture of bold builders. We move confidently. That’s how our clients get a head-start, save time, streamline.