Working along side institutions like The College of Law, University Technology Sydney, and The University of Adelaide. We understand the challenges universities and colleges face with fragmented systems that complicate the selling and managing of non-award courses.

That’s why we developed a comprehensive eCommerce platform, designed specifically to not only improve operational efficiency, but enhance the user experience in educational institutions.

Increase Your Course Sales and Streamline Course Management with CourseStream.

Direct Canvas Integration

Ensure immediate course access upon purchase for a seamless learning experience.

Simplified eCommerce Interface

Effortlessly manage course purchasing, invoicing, and student enrollments.

Advanced Administrative Tools

From refunds to course unenrollments, manage it all with ease.

Secure User Dashboard

Keep track of courses and transactions with robust security measures.

AI-Driven Features

Leverage content creation, predictive analytics, and dynamic pricing to stay ahead.

CourseStream is the perfect fit for universities and colleges looking to expand or streamline their non-award course offerings.

Join the growing number of educational institutions that are enhancing their course management and sales with Sudo Roux’s advanced technological solutions.

Full Feature List:

Platform Core Features
eCommerce Interface: User-friendly interface simplifies course purchasing.
Multi-Quantity Purchases, Invoicing, and Refunds: Streamlines transaction management.
Canvas Integration: Ensures seamless course enrollment upon purchase.
Automated Invoice Generation and Enrollment Emails: Facilitates efficient administrative communication.
User Dashboard: Provides a secure platform for users to manage their courses and transactions.
Apps and Integrations
Content Management System (CMS): Manage and distribute educational content effectively.
eCommerce Core with Conversational Features: Engages users interactively with advanced eCommerce functionalities.
Personalization Tools: Includes A/B Testing, Custom Components, and Tag Manager.
Digital Asset Management (DAM): Organizes and accesses digital resources efficiently.
Product Catalog Management: Manages and displays course offerings effectively.
API Gateway: Ensures seamless integration with external services and applications.
AI and Predictive Features
Generative AI Content Creator: Automates the creation of engaging content.
Registration Model Propensity & Enrollment Prediction: Uses AI to predict registration likelihoods and forecast future course enrollments.
Autonomous Clustering: AI-driven segmentation for targeted marketing.
Virtual Sales Agent & Dynamic Pricing Model: Automates and enhances sales interactions and adjusts pricing based on real-time market data.
Automated Application/Registration Validation: Streamlines the application process.
Advertising and Marketing
Ads Management Tool: Manages various types of ads including Social, Display, Search, and Media Ads.
Campaign Management: Provides comprehensive tools for executing marketing strategies.
UTM Builder: Assists in tracking and analytics of marketing campaigns.
Data Management and Analytics
Marketing and Behavior Analysis Tools: Offers detailed insights into marketing campaigns and user behavior.
Learning Behavior Analysis Tool: Analyzes student learning patterns and engagement.
Financial Data Visualization: Provides tools for real-time financial monitoring and reporting.
Customer Dashboards: Offers personalized dashboards for users to view their activity and results.
Relationship Management Features
CRM Solutions: Manages customer relationships across multiple channels including Email, SMS, WhatsApp, App and Web Notifications, and Call Center.
Online Events & Webinar Management: Manages virtual events effectively.
Influencer Marketing, Referral & Loyalty Programs: Leverages influencers and rewards customer loyalty and referrals.
URL Shortener: Creates custom, branded short links for marketing and communications.
Management and Collaboration
Process and Knowledge Base Management: Streamlines operations and maintains essential knowledge.
Product and Team Management: Manages products and team collaborations effectively.
Collaboration System: Enhances team interaction and project management.
SEO and Content Strategy
Search Console: Monitors and manages search engine visibility.
Search Trends Evaluation: Analyzes and responds to search trend data.
Whitelabel Blogs: Manages branded blogs.
Content Development Tools: Supports content strategy from definition to publishing.
Student Management
Customer Data Platform (CDP): Centralizes all customer data.
Identity Resolution: Accurately identifies and unifies customer profiles.
Student Engagement Lifecycle: Manages the entire student relationship from prospect to alumni.

Discover how CourseStream can optimise your educational offerings and administrative capabilities.

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