Taking human smarts to a new degree

Developing disruptive go-to-market learning offerings for the University of Technology Sydney.

A high-performance marketplace for postgraduate learning.

Education doesn’t end with a degree. Technology evolves; knowledge grows stale. Australians that want to keep up might look to postgraduate studies. The University of Technology Sydney set out to pull together diverse learning avenues to build one online marketplace for postgraduate-level learning. It began with UTS Open, a place to embark on practical, industry-relevant short courses that open doors to any chosen topic.

The institution leading the 4.0 revolution.

The University of Technology Sydney shapes the minds of the future. AI, data science, robotics. As one of Australia’s top Universities for research impact, it’s taking us from 4.0 to 5.0, saving lives and revolutionising industries in the process.

A young Uni in the grand scheme of things, UTS has welcomed over 44,000 students and is one of the largest Universities in Australia.

Sudo Roux delivered flexible, real-world and personalised learning experiences that create a global community of adaptive learners and thinkers.

Dean McDonald

Head of New Business Systems, UTS

Design. Architecture. Integration.

With Optimizely (nee Episerver) acting as the foundation for UTS Open, Sudo Roux took the reigns. We led the design, architecture and seamless integration of core systems. UTS Open was to be nothing less than an epicentre of pioneering technology, reflecting the University’s commitment to connecting its students to the future.

  • 100%

    of returning visitors converted in the initial launch window

  • 400%

    increase in returning visitors & associated revenue (from Dec. 19 to Jan. 20)

  • 1st

    micro-credential product ever brought to market in Australian higher education

Gaining pace in a competitive space.

The post-graduate online space was competitive even before COVID-19 hit. Now, it’s brutal. Equipping UTS with the means to stand out – and stay successful – meant going customer-centric at every touchpoint. We focused on building experiences and sharing content that would connect with the target audience. Good thing we had the tech to back it up. Students could engage with and explore UTS Open’s learning offerings without anything to slow them down or trip them up.


Stacks of innovation.

  • Optimizely

  • Content management, experience-driven commerce, customer data platform

  • Canvas

  • Learning management system

  • Salesforce

  • Higher Education Data Architecture, Service Cloud, Community Cloud

  • Dell Boomi

  • Platform integration, automation

  • Oracle finance

  • Higher education finance solution

A redefined market position. For now.

The UTS Open website has been out in the world since December 2019. It’s not only making it possible for anyone to explore opportunities at Australia’s leading young university, but it’s also redefined capabilities for UTS. The client has been able to set itself apart in a crowded industry with a customer-centric marketplace and a fresh, personalised approach to online learning. 

But that’s not all. We’re still working with the client to expand the UTS Open ecosystem. From product creation to learner recruitment marketing, learner identity management, learning delivery, product performance and platform integration.

  • 45%

    fall in drop-off rate

  • #1

    UTS is the highest-performing University in Australia under 50 years old

Simple commerce capabilities in a messy landscape.

Keeping so many key systems ticking along demands an intricate technology stack. We’re also managing the complexities of multiple product owners, product types, faculties, business lines, integrations. Things could get messy.

UTS Open needed a way to introduce commerce capability into the ecosystem without getting their hands dirty. So, Sudo Roux leaned on Optimizely Commerce to develop a fresh approach to integration design. We extended and customised product variants to empower the client with the flexibility to make changes and meet the expanding needs of the future.

Making the CX streamlined & personalised.

It’s this flexible approach that lets the marketplace safely stretch, expand, evolve. With customer-centricity at its core, UTS Open provides a streamlined user experience that meets the learner’s needs at every stage of their journey. Powerful personalisation features reinforce the customer purchasing funnel to encourage sign-ups to post-graduate learning.

Once they’re in, segmented user groups, tailored pricing, and personalised branding and content contribute to a personalised learning experience. So our post-grads stick around.

One single shop front for B2C, B2B2C and B2B.

What started off as a B2C short forms of learning POC evolved into a single shopfront servicing B2C, B2B and B2B2C. A first for the local market. This natural branching out unlocked new revenue streams for our client. All aspects of the University now have a toolbox to convert new business, using flexible engagement, UX and remuneration models.

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