Introducing SmartSearch.
An improved search model that’s modern, conversational, and smart.

Our SmartSearch technology can be used within a standalone webpage, a chatbot, or even masquerading as a traditional search bar.

Intelligent. Interactive. Intuitive.

Get the bot to organise your messy data. Improve your users experience by simply having an intuitive search they can interact with.


SmartSearch uses AI to analyze your existing content, reads it and presents in back in an easy to understand way. This makes messy content and messy data digestable.


Bye bye bounce rates, keep the conversation going and the engagement high with a search that doesn’t just present random results.


Easily integrated into a standalong page, a home page or as a chatbot, SmartSearch technology can be woven into your stack without a complete overhaul. Smart and supple!


Imagine giving your customer exactly what they want?
“Show me a show made of vegan lether in a size 6. White, black laces and casual”
Sure thing! Who uses filters any more?

No unrelated results. Results made for the user

Fast results. Analyse, sort and serve within miliseconds

Analytics. Search and product history analytics

Adaptable. Works within your page, within your site or as an assistant

Custom. Your style kit, your guidelines with seamless integration to a customised data source

Support. Test and learn with an active support knowledge base

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  • Optimizely
  • Xperience by Kentico
  • Commerce tools
  • Uniform
  • Site Improve
  • HubSpot
  • Canvas