It’s unlikely that Sitecore is the best DXP or CMS for your needs. We have 6 reasons why you should choose Optimizely CMS over Sitecore. It’s likely you’ve more than likely hit many roadblocks with Sitecore, meaning you have probably reached the ceiling of its capabilities. It’s time for a new, more mature product.

Optimizely CMS surpasses Sitecore in almost every aspect of content management. You can see a feature comparison at the bottom of this page.

We’ve listed six reasons you should consider Optimizely CMS over Sitecore as your next CMS, and keep reading to see the only reason you need to choose Sudo Roux as your Optimizely Partner to assist you in making the switch.

1) Gartner knows

  • Optimizely CMS is recognized by Gartner and Forrester with a total of seven leadership positions in CMS and DXP.
  • Sitecore is and has been for sometime, on a negative trajectory in their sector reports.

2) Instant value

  • Optimizely CMS significantly increases your impact by launching new experiences quickly and easily, while delivering more value for your money with more powerful and many pre-integrated capabilities.
  • Sitecore’s well-known for its complexity (we all know these moments) and to make it more complicated and confusing, is now compounded by four distinct CMS products for different use cases: XM, XP, XM Cloud, Content Hub.

3) More than a partnership

  • Optimizely invests in your long-term success with a world-class support ecosystem complete with Customer Success, 24/7/365 Support, Professional Training, Expert Services and a Active Community. This includes Sudo Roux’s very own Optimizely OMVP (and the first in APAC) Aria Zanganeh
  • With Sitecore, you’ll need to be a certified Sitecore developer to get help

4) Maintenance, maintained.

  • Optimizely has continuous software maintenance, seamless upgrades, zero-downtime deployments, and the fastest performance available.
  • Sitecore is well-known for its struggles with maintenance and a resource-constrained organisation lacking a deep breadth of developers.

5) Always innovating

  • Optimizely is consistently modernising and innovating on a single CMS codebase, delivering major performance gains with the latest .NET Core framework.
  • The Sitecore CMS (XM and XM Cloud) still uses .NET 4.8x and legacy dependencies, compromising performance.

6) Marketers love it

  • Optimizely CMS empowers marketers to manage the complete content lifecycle: create content, publish pages, and drive experiences at scale, with a content marketing platform that surpasses Sitecore’s abilities.
  • Sitecore’s content marketing platform pales in comparement. 

7) A proactive partner

Sudo Roux is a Gold Optimizely Partner and winner of the Customer Choice Partner of the Year two years in a row. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you transition from Sitecore to Optimizely.

It starts with a call to Sudo Roux: 1300 753 499

Optimizely CMS Sitecore feature comparison

Optimizely CMSSitecore
Content Management​
Industry-leading content management supporting traditional and headless content delivery
Digital Asset Management​
Brand and asset management with natively integrated workflow and work-in-progress asset production
Content Marketing & Campaign Planning
Plan & collaborate with visual marketing calendars and repeatable campaign playbooks
Web Experimentation
Test and optimize your messaging, personalized offers and recommend the most relevant content for your users
Feature Experimentation
Experiment within your product lifecycle by testing alongside feature launches
Experiment Collaboration
Capture ideas, prioritize and manage experiments, collaborate across your company with ease
Commerce for B2B and B2C experiences
Out-of-the-box commerce solutions to launch, scale and manage your business
AI-Driven Personalization
Build the richest, most relevant experiences using AI to automate personalization and product recs
Customer Data Connectivity Layer​
Leverage contextual and 1st party data to drive revenue growth and identify trends in existing customer data sources​



  • Optimizely
  • Xperience by Kentico
  • Commerce tools
  • Uniform
  • Site Improve
  • HubSpot
  • Canvas