How do you create an ecommerce strategy when nothing ever sits still?

Defining a back-to-front strategy for an ecommerce implementation

Multipart ecommerce strategy series

By Matt Sayer

You’d never shut us up if we opened the floodgates to a conversation about ecommerce strategies. So let’s set our splash zone to the last two years only. The changes we’ve seen in such a short space of time have been dizzying – yes, we’re going to talk about AI later 😉. The brands that find success are the ones that react to CX demands while resisting the urge to go after every shiny new object. 

So how do you create an ecommerce strategy when nothing ever sits still?

The end-to-start of an ecommerce marketing strategy

An ecommerce strategy is a strategy to grow revenue. It’s that simple. And when anything is this simple, it makes sense to start with the end in sight.

To kick off the journey, we ask our clients some (arguably) straightforward questions:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who’s your customer?
  • What’s your current buying experience?
  • What’s your commitment to the customer across service, security and trust?
  • Is it really viable to embark on this? (Okay, this one’s tougher)

And the final, big boss question:

  • What are you trying to achieve?

If we’re going to implement a next level commerce strategy, clarity of purpose is best established from the outset. That’s the only way we can add value at key steps into the overall brand journey.

We’ve been translating the physical world to the digital world for about 10 years now. But a scary number of businesses we talk to still haven’t grasped the basic concept of customer experience. We go big on client education and make sure they understand the gaps in their customer buying experience. We’re like that annoying teacher that would never just let you chill at the back of class.

What’s old is still relevant. Things like customer service have been translated – poorly – into the digital space. Is there anything worse than emailing a company about a missing shoe and getting nothing back? Exceptional customer servicing is not new, it’s timeless. Be prepared for feedback, communicate, say what you’re going to do and more importantly do what you say.

Matt Sayer

Chief Technology Officer, Sudo Roux

How does the client perceive their digital maturity?

An honest conversation about current digital maturity tells us about a client’s capability and readiness to deliver value through next generation digital experiences. 

Are they positioned for success if they undertake a transformation? While some clients have been around the block and so are prepared to put in the work to shape the transaction, others are still running their companies using paper and spreadsheets.

This understanding of digital maturity helps us frame the ecommerce strategy for growth. Its ok to be immature, experienced or sophisticated – knowing where you are in the digital maturity landscape helps focus on areas that deliver impact.

The strategy starts wherever the client is at. It’s not about diving straight into behemoth transformations. Often, it’s about testing the waters with something small and tactical before going down this huge, dream route. For example, we showed one client how to use commerce to digitise their paperwork, and gave them an optimising module in commerce. 

A little bit of support here, some problem-solving there. Only when digital maturity is where it needs to be will we work on an entire marketplace and D2C implementation.

Once you implement an ecommerce strategy, you become a 24/7 operation, your store is always open. Your customers don’t just pop in and visit you between 9 and 5, and so you have to think about being able to respond in the moment…

Matt Sayer

Chief Technology Officer, Sudo Roux

Re-build tech to fit your needs. Not the other way around

Human first, technology second. Our agency style shifted in the last few years to follow this template that brings empathy to all aspects of operations. We’re less “What tools do we need?” and more “Let’s sit on the couch and talk about your problems”.

Always work backwards starting with the human problem. From there, the restructuring of businesses, operations and staffing can begin.

The customer’s always right

Okay, we both know that’s not always true. But when you’re defining an ecommerce marketing strategy, let your customer be the answer to every question. No matter how much the landscape shifts, responding to CX demands is the ticket to a lasting brand. Start at the end, ask the heavy questions and talk to Sudo Roux if you’re lacking clarity.

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